Gurijala, Anvesh

Gurijala, Anvesh

CEO & Founder at Boston Materials

Everything that we want to do in life depends on materials. Consider the Bronze Age, Iron Age, Age of Plastics – our evolution as a society is defined by the materials that we use. Products, from electric vehicles to Tupperware containers, are all enabled and limited by the materials that are available to us.

I want to create new materials that allow us to make new and better products. When I started my undergrad at Northeastern University, I was on the hunt for what materials I wanted to build a career around. I researched 3D printing, biomaterials, nanomaterials, and more. Right before I graduated in 2016, I started working on a material technology that eventually led to me founding Boston Materials with a classmate, Michael Segal, and one of my professors, Dr. Randy Erb.

At Boston Materials, we enable product developers to break through their design trade-offs with new materials. The first material that we developed (Z-axis Fiber™) has properties unlike any metal, polymer, or composite. It enables a wide range of applications including reducing the weight and emissions of aluminum, keeping electronics cool, making highly effective hydrogen fuel cells and more. One of the best aspects of our Z-Fiber material is that it is made with a 100% reclaimed feedstock – milled carbon fiber. Z-axis Fiber is one of the first materials that combines high performance and sustainability. The overarching vision for Boston Materials is to become the leading high-performance materials supplier to enable a circular economy.

Through Boston Materials, I have a unique opportunity to create new materials that never existed before, put them into action in the real world to make a difference and build a forward-thinking, impactful organization all at the same time.